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How To Solve 3 Common Crawl Space Issues

A leaky, musty, mildew-ridden crawl space is not healthy to have underneath or on top of your house. Since the space is unfinished, it is vulnerable to decay. Decay is unhealthy and bad for the materials of the home. To keep your crawl space from looking like it’s straight out of a 1972 horror film,… Read More

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Top Reasons You May Need Crawl Space Repair in Atlanta

While the average Atlanta homeowner may not give their crawlspace much thought, sometimes you have no choice. If you end up finding yourself in need of repairs for this area of your home, it’s going to be all you can think about. However, on the other hand, if these repairs are not handled properly, they… Read More

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How Insulating a Crawlspace Can Improve Your Home

Your home’s crawlspace is particularly vulnerable to moisture, humidity, and mold growth, and it can also have a negative effect on your home’s indoor air quality and its energy efficiency. At Southeastern Crawlspace, our Atlanta crawl space encapsulation experts can insulate your crawlspace to help guarantee that your home is in the best condition possible…. Read More

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Atlanta Spray Foam Insulation – Open and Closed Cell

Atlanta spray Foam Insulation is a two-component system typically consisting of petroleum oils, plastics, and resins. The polyurethane foam comes in two different forms, open cell and closed cell foam. The polyurethane spray foam is an extremely versatile material that is available in a variety of final physical properties and densities. Although the two types… Read More

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Seal Up Your Atlanta Crawl Space Now

Your Atlanta crawl space, or small dirt space underneath your home, are not an area of the home that you are likely to think about. Unfortunately, simply ignoring or forgetting about crawl spaces (CSs) can create many problems for homeowners. CSs are constant sources of moisture in the home due to their underground location and… Read More

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Encapsulating Your Crawl Space in Atlanta

Encapsulating a crawl spaceĀ in Atlanta is a common way to deal with moisture or flooding. It is also an easy way to quickly get control of the air quality in the home and lock out rodents and insects. When you’re thinking about “green-ovating” your home, or simply getting control of the moisture or humidity, when… Read More

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Improve Your Home With Atlanta Crawl Space Insulation

Besides recycling, switching light bulbs or using energy efficient appliances, we can decrease our carbon footprint by sealing a crawlspace with Atlanta crawl space insulation. Did you know that almost 70% of the houses in North and South Carolina have crawl space foundations? Is your house one of them? Did you notice any allergy problems… Read More

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Atlanta is More Than Pest Prevention

Crawl space encapsulation in Atlanta involves sealing all vents and doors with airtight covers, covering the walls and floors with a durable plastic liner, and, in the case of block foundation walls, adding a plastic covering over the open cavities of the blocks to keep humidity from filtering upwards through the crevice. In some cases,… Read More

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